Coronation of King Charles III

Royal fans, heads of state and important leaders are coming to London for the first British coronation in 70 years.

Today, which is a Saturday, King Charles III and his wife Camilla will have a special ceremony at Westminster Abbey where they will officially become king and queen. This is a tradition that has been happening for more than 1,000 years.

King Charles has become the head of state of Britain after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away in September.

The ceremony is not just about making the new king or queen, but it also includes many other events that will happen until Monday. There will be lots of parties, shows, and traditional activities that haven’t happened since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.

Here’s a summary of what will happen over the weekend, and it’s going to cost the people in the United Kingdom more than 125 million pounds. You can also watch these events live.

This weekend, some events will take place and it will make the people in the United Kingdom spend more than 125 million pounds. You can watch these events as they happen live.

This Saturday morning, King Charles and Camilla will ride in a horse-drawn carriage on a wide street called the Mall, which has many trees alongside it. They will go from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey as part of a special event called the King’s Procession.

The coronation is a special religious ceremony led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. During the ceremony, the monarch is anointed with holy oil on their hands, chest, and head. This part of the ceremony has never been shown on TV before, but some people are wondering if it might be shown this time.

After the event, King Charles and Camilla will go back to Buckingham Palace with a big parade. They will stand with other royal family members on a balcony. The celebration will finish with planes flying over and the royals waving to the public.

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